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In 1964, H.P. Bulmer was forced to sell Bulmers Ltd Clonmel to Guinness and Allied Breweries, the parent company of Showerings. The company name was changed to Showerings (Ireland) Ltd.

In the early 1960s, H.P. Bulmer produced a "Champagne perry" product in direct competition with Babycham, owned by Showerings Ltd of Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Showerings challenged this in court and H.P. Bulmer lost the case.

After the war in 1946, H.P. Bulmer purchased the remaining 50% of the Bulmers business in the Republic of Ireland, changing the name to Bulmers Ltd Clonmel. H.P. Bulmer maintained international rights to the Bulmers trade mark, ensuring exports were distributed via the parent company

In 1937, William Magner acquired the rights to produce the Bulmers Cider brand in what later became the Republic of Ireland from H.P. Bulmer, who purchased a 50% share in the business.

In 1905 Dr Herbert Durham, a college friend of Fred’s, became the director of research, pioneering modern cider-making processes by isolating a wild yeast to create the first pure cider yeast culture, which would ensure that fermentations were consistent.  

In 1889, his elder brother Fred (Edward Frederick Bulmer), returned from King's College, Cambridge, to join Percy in his new venture, having rejected an offer of a post as tutor to the children of the King of Siam. With a £1,760 loan from their father, the

HP Bulmer was founded in 1887 in Hereford, England by Henry Percival “Percy” Bulmer, using apples from the orchard at his father's rectory and an old stone press on the farm next door.  

Continuing to grow in popularity, Magners cider is now sold throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Magners was first sold in the United Kingdom in late 1999 when the brand was launched in Northern Ireland.

Majorca, Spain was the first market to sell Magners in May 1999, followed by Munich in Germany in July 1999.