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Governance: Collaborate with Government & NGO’s

C&C Group plc engages with regional and national government bodies and agencies which implement and enforce applicable laws across our industry, to communicate our views to those who have responsibility for implementing policy, laws and regulations relevant to our businesses. This ongoing dialogue covers areas including; positive drinking programmes and impacts, wider sustainability agenda including human rights and environmental impacts, together with legal and regulatory compliance.

Leading Deposit Return Scheme (‘DRS’) Implementation in Scotland

C&C has supported the Scottish Government’s aims around the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme (‘DRS’) since proposals were first announced in 2017. Since then, we have worked with the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland and all stakeholders to help create an efficient, well-designed DRS for Scotland that delivers on the country’s recycling and litter targets and supports ambitions for a more circular economy.

In March 2021, C&C became a founding member of Circularity Scotland, the system administrator appointed to operate the DRS in Scotland. The new administrator will work collaboratively with producers, retailers, the hospitality industry and wholesalers to deliver a scheme to collect more than 90% of used drinks containers.

Collaborate on Minimum Unit Price Implementation in Ireland

We look forward to the planned implementation of minimum unit pricing in Ireland on 1 January 2022. Although the majority of drinkers in Ireland enjoy alcohol responsibly, we believe this legislation will have the same impact as it has had in Scotland in tackling the availability of strong, cheap alcohol and its correlation with harmful drinking. We will continue to work with the Irish Government and all relevant bodies around the implementation of minimum unit price legislation.

Portman Group

In May 2021, C&C re-joined the Portman Group. While our internal marketing codes have always exceeded the Portman Group Codes of Practice, we were delighted to re-join the Group and actively support their aims to deliver higher standards of best practice and ensure the responsible marketing and promotion of alcoholic products.


In March 2020, Tennent’s worked with the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland to educate drinkers around the weekly alcohol consumption guidelines of 14 units. Support for this campaign involved advertising in our trade wholesale brochure, “One Stop” was distributed to circa 4,500 customers, a donation of advertising assets were made at Celtic Park, such as the match programme, concourse TV screens and in game perimeter LED boards. This messaging was viewed by circa 150,000 fans at matches and by TV and digital broadcast audiences of circa 2m viewers.