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Magners Irish Cider was born in Clonmel, the home of Irish Cider, since 1935 making it one of Ireland’s only truly authentic ciders. We grow apples in 150 acres of our own orchard, so we know a thing or two about them. We use a fresh juice recipe with 17 of these apple varieties in our Magners Original Irish Cider which gives our cider a unique refreshing bite.

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Our cider is as refreshing today as it was when William Magner first conceived it over 80 years ago. A taste that’s held true since 1935. After maturing, Magners is bottled and transported all around the world for everyone to drink it in just one way… over ice, with friends. We take our time when it comes to cider making and vat mature our precious nectar for up to 18 months to give a distinctive, well rounded taste – when it’s ready, it’s ready.

Magners Original

The original cider. Apples served over ice.

It’s 1935 and, thanks to William Magner, Ireland’s greatest cider has just been born. We’ve maintained that original 100% Irish recipe ever since. Made with seventeen different apples, pressed, and left for a couple of years to get extra tasty. It’s crisp, refreshing, and the best way to celebrate, well, pretty much anthing. Best served chilled with great mates.

Magners Berry

A great taste of strawberry and raspberries

A great taste of strawberry, raspberries blended with crisp, refreshing pear cider with a natural character that you’d expect from Magners. Best served over ice!

Classic Pear

The 3 Ps: Pressed, premium, pears.

When we made our Pear cider, we knew it needed to be two things – as good as Magners Original. And…as good as Magners Original. Why don’t you grab a few bottles and some mates to see if we kept our word?

Dark Fruit

Now Available

The only way to embrace the dark side… Bursting with sharp blackcurrant and jammy berries, our new Magners Dark Fruit cider is a refreshing addition to the Magners family.