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Tennent’s Lager is Scotland’s best-selling beer and has been made with pride in the heart of Glasgow since 1885, but is famous far beyond its home city. Scotland is a nation famed for its creativity and innovation, and when you think of ‘Great Scots’, the story of Hugh Tennent is an extraordinary one.

A young Hugh Tennent discovered pilsner style beer in Bavaria and returned to pioneer the launch of Tennent’s Lager in 1885, believed to be the UK’s first lager.

Today, the Tennent’s Lager recipe remains true to the one introduced by Hugh more than 130 years ago, using 100% Scottish barley, the finest Herkules hops and the fresh water of Loch Katrine. It is quite simply Scotland’s favourite beer.

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Tennent’s Lager

Brewed at Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow since 1885 to the highest standards using water from Loch Katrine and Scottish barley, Tennent’s Lager is more than just a great beer – it’s a national institution. Tennent’s Lager continues to be Scotland’s favourite beer, with the iconic ‘Red T’ assuring a crisp, refreshing pint everywhere across the country.

Tennent’s Light

The Light beer of choice. Based on our award-winning Gluten Free T, made from 100 per cent Scottish grown cereals and fresh highland water from Loch Katrine. Tennent’s Light is only 114 calories per pint, 66 calories per 330ml bottle, making it the lowest calorie light lager in Scotland.

This completely new recipe is based on our award-winning Gluten Free T, creating a bright, well balanced lager with a slight fruity aroma and a hint of sweetness which is balanced with a clear bitterness.

Tennent’s Zero

Our all new, refreshing 0.0% lager. Brewed using fresh highland water from Loch Katrine and the finest hops and Scottish barley to give it the same great flavour profile as Tennent’s Lager. With 57 calories per bottle and 75 calories per can – Tennent’s Zero is a great choice for those looking to reduce their calorie intake.

Tennent’s Zero has a malty grain aroma with a touch of fruit and hops on the nose. A sweetness comes from the grain with a balancing bitterness from the hops used which are comparable to Tennent’s Lager. The lingering bitterness progresses to a slight astringency after the first great taste.

Tennent’s Whisky Oak

Tennent’s Beer Aged with Whisky Oak is the culmination of four hop varieties – Zeus, Summit, Tettnang and Aurora. It is brewed using a complex recipe of three types of locally sourced Scottish malt and the pure waters of Loch Katrine.

The Tennent’s brewing and fermentation process takes a minimum of three weeks. It incorporates the process of warm maturation and the ageing of the beer in Speyside Single Malt Whisky infused with oak chips.

After fermentation and the oak ageing, the fermented beer is repeatedly re-circulated over the chips before it is stored in a maturation vessel where the oak, vanilla and whisky flavours imparted during the ageing process continue to mature.
The end result is an approachable yet complex beer, which offers a memorable drinking experience.

Tennent’s Gluten Free

Everyone deserves a proper beer. That’s why this one’s got all the classic malty flavour and bitterness of the original, sans the proteins that gluten-free drinkers need to avoid. It’s not a compromise – it’s a regular, crisp Tennent’s that happens to be gluten-free.

Tennent’s 1885 Lager

A pilsner-style lager with personality. Hearty, malty flavours and just the right amount of fruitiness, hops and bitterness.

Tennent’s IPA

A distinctly Nothern India Pale Ale. A colourful blend of strong malty flavours, subtle fruity notes and punchy, hoppy character. Medium to full bodied, it’s got that classic bitter IPA finish, plus a throat tickling aftertaste. This is the perfect beer to open up new horizons.

Tennent’s Scotch Ale

A full-bodied strong ale with a soft side. Subtle fruit flavours and a touch of hops, followed by a warm, welcoming finish of caramel and malt. It’s the beer equivalent of sitting next to a cracking fireplace.

Tennent’s Stout

A dashingly stout. Strong-roasted, medium-bodied and pleasantly sweet, with indulgent notes of chocolate, treacle and coffee. Topped off with a balanced bitter aftertaste. The perfect beer for talking about Hobbs, Marx, Messi and Mourinho.

Tennent’s Extra

A strong lager with a brave heart. Unapologetic about its alcohol taste, yet surprisingly sweet, it’s got a dash of fruitiness and a clear bitter finish. A fiery leader among beers.