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Caledonia Ales are a range of Scottish beers to suit every occasion. By combining the highland water from Loch Katrine with the finest Scottish malted barley, hops and yeast, we have created a family of beers that are unmistakably Scottish.

Country of Origin


Caledonia Double Hop Lager

Caledonia Double Hop Lager has a slightly fruity flavour, with an obvious citrus nose and a hoppy, resinous touch.

Caledonia Outpost IPA

Caledonia Outpost IPA has some subtle fruity / estery notes. These are dominated by strong malty grainy flavours along with a punchy hoppy character.

Caledonia Hop Scotch

Caledonia Hop Scotch has a slightly fruit/ester nose, with a smokey/woody/ cloves flavor, vanilla flavor is also detected.