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Woodchuck® Hard Cider is a premium hard cider handcrafted in Vermont, USA from the highest quality ingredients while offering an innovative range of ciders.

Proctorsville, Vermont. 1991. Along the Black River, in a two car garage, a wine maker by the name of Greg Failing begins an experiment with apples. Greg had tasted European hard cider imports, and believed he could create something better fit for the American palate. It was a momentous decision. It reinvented a centuries old beverage category which had vanished from the American conscious in the wake of Prohibition. Woodchuck® Amber was the result and that original recipe remains intact to this day.

Woodchuck® Hard Cider now operates a cidery in Middlebury, Vermont, and the lineup of styles has grown to include a variety of limited releases and private reserves. Distribution, which started in a single Vermont country store, now stretches across all 50 states. A naturally gluten-free beverage, Woodchuck® Hard Cider lends itself well to food pairings and recipes.

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Core Brands

Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s core varieties are crafted to bring an authentic and unique cider experience to beverage connoisseurs.

Granny Smith


Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s Seasonal offerings deliver cider with a little something different, crafted to include bold seasonally specific ingredients that bring cider to the next level.

Winter Chill
Full harvest

Variety Pack

Woodchuck® Hard Cider’s Variety Pack lets you enjoy all that our line up has to offer with a combo of our Core and Seasonal offerings.