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Dowds Lane

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For over 200 years Ireland’s finest ale, porter and cider poured out of a little laneway in Clonmel. What started in 1798 as Thomas Murphy’s brewery became William Magners cidery in 1932.

Today it’s home to the Dowd’s Lane Brewing co. A place where beer and cider made by those, and for those, with a taste for a good sup comes from.

After testing and tasting two centuries worth of recipes we have faithfully revived our favourites: Big Vat Cider, 12 O’Clock Mass IPA and Doornail Red Ale.

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Doornail Red Ale

As the town morgue once resided within our walls, we have named our brew in honour of the dearly departed. Doornail red Ale I a delicate pale red that presents itself as a traditional style ale, in terms of aroma and taste, but with an Irish twist. The composition of pale and dark malts results in a well-structured, full bodied brew to die for. 4.5%ABV

12 O’Clock Mass IPA

As the lines between the house of prayer and the ale house were blurred, 12 O’Clock Mass became a euphemism for a cold one. This all day, everyday, sessionable ale is packed full of promise. 12 O’Clock Mass IPA leads you in with hoppy aroma, but the underlying malt notes carry balance and control. The nose captures a fruit fusion but concentrates on the citrus lime. 4.5%ABV

Big Vat Cider

Big Vat cider is a new refreshing cider using fresh juice from locally sourced apples. The lengthy maturation process and the specially selected unique yeast used for the fermentation give Dowds Lane Big vat fresh juice cider complexity and length. A combination of bittersweet dessert and culinary apples are used which contribute different types of apple notes from woody to dry. 4.9% ABV