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Five Lamps

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In a small warehouse in Dublin’s south inner city, The Five Lamps Brewery has been quietly trying to make its mark on the Irish brewing scene. The Brewery was set up in early 2012 and our first beer, 5 Lamps Dublin Lager was launched in September 2012. Our first home was down on the North Strand by the iconic Five Lamps and hence our name.

Our mission is to offer an Irish hand crafted lager that is accessible and easy drinking, using only natural ingredients. 5 Lamps provides a real alternative to the commercially produced international lagers available in Ireland. We have recently broadened our product offering with the release of our “Liberties Pale Ale”, ”Monto Red Ale” and our “Blackpitts Porter and Stout”. Keep an eye out for our seasonal brews and one-off batches which we will release over the course of the year!

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5 Lamps

5 lamps Dublin lager is a traditional Czech style pilsner. And while it is considered traditional in that part of the world it is a little different to the lagers we are used to here. For one it has a slightly more complex taste profile than the commercially produced lagers, with a biscuity malt flavour and some fruit notes.

The Liberties Pale Ale

The Liberties Pale Ale is a brew with a rich golden colour, full body and a balanced rounded finish. Sweet and toasty malt notes abound from a unique blend of pale and coloured malts. The balance between the residual sweetness of the malts and the character of the hops selected is rounded out by the floral hop notes of the late addition aromatic Goldings variety, a very traditional ale hop. This ale we like to describe as accessible, easy to drink, with a modest 4.7% ABV.

Monto Red Ale

Delicate toasted cereal notes in conjunction with an appealing floral hop nose and a soft, mild, background bitterness combine to make this an ale of superior quality and taste.
Nurtured through the brewing process from mash tun to conditioning, Monto Red Ale has both delicate appealing aromas and balanced velvet like flavours.
5.0% ABV

Black Pitts Porter

Brewed with an assemblage of malts, this porter expresses authenticity and freshness, with a great body and great colour due to the generosity of the Chocolate malt and Roast barley blend used in brewing. With a complexity of aromas including dark chocolate and toasted malts, against a toffee and caramel background and a soft rounded hop note to deliver a long lingering finish. ABV 4.8%