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Five Lamps

Our Story

Born out of the North Wall inner city of Dublin, 5 Lamps is the epitome of Dublin craft and care poured perfectly into every pint. Although now available widely outside of Dublin, since our inception in 2012 we’ve worn our local pride on our sleeve and even our glassware.

5 Lamps is ‘The beer of Dublin’ born of a city full of incredible tales, already existing and yet to be written. We are proud of our Dublin history and along with Dublin pubs, contribute to the heart of the city energy. There’s something magic that happens within their walls, something that can’t be contained or copied. We believe the same of our beers, born of a never ending pursuit to innovate for everyone. We champion the character of Dublin, the colourful people, colourful debates, colour filled rooms with the great and good of the city and beyond, all mixing together in a spectrum of society all under one roof.

Our range has expanded, so in addition to our innovative seasonal specials brewed in our new Camden Street brewery and visitor centre, we now have 5 Lamps Red Ale and 5 Lamps Light Lager as core pillars within our range.

5 Lamps, the beer the city deserves, served in the pubs the world loves.

To visit our Camden Street Brewery and Visitor’s Centre please see:

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