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It’s said that the first Italian beer was created in pre-Roman times. Well, whoever first got the barrel rolling; it was the Menabrea family who endeavoured to perfect the craft. In 1846, Giuseppe Menabrea travelled to the town of Biella, in the foothills of the Italian Alps. There he discovered an underground cave system, ideal for the traditional process of ‘lagering’. Combined with the incredibly pure water and cold fresh air of the region, it was the perfect location to build a brewery. Menabrea is the oldest continuously producing brewery in Italy.

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For over 170 years, the family have brewed their remarkable birre using their own recipe and only five simple ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast & brewer’s maize. Placed at the crossroads of Europe at the foot of the Alps, Menabrea source the finest ingredients available. Our barley comes from Vitry-le-Francois in the heart of Champagne country, recognised as the premier barley producing region of France. Our hops come from Hallertau, Bavaria. Gently aromatic, but harder to grow than other varieties, they truly deserve their designation as “noble hops”. Our water flows naturally from pure Alpine glaciers straight to our brewery.

The Alps have played their part in the ageing process, too. In the early days, our Master Brewers would use ice and snow from the mountains to cool their barrels of birre as they were stored underground during the lagering process. They found that maturing this way for 30 days produced the unique, complex and refreshing taste that makes Menabrea a truly rewarding and refreshing birra.

Five generations later, not much has changed. Even today, you’ll find the same family, headed by Franco Thedy, the same passionate attention to detail and, most importantly, the same birra. Which is why, in the stylish bars of Milan and Turin when you ask for a birra, it’s likely you’ll be served a Menabrea.

Now launched in the On-Trade to consumers in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Menabrea is distributed exclusively by C&C Group.


Menabrea is matured gently in the perfect temperature of our cave cellars for a taste of superior clarity. This 4.8% ABV pale lager is well balanced between citrus, bitter tones and floral, fruity undertones giving a consistent and refined flavour. It has a complicated malty, hoppy taste with an exceptional head retention due to the quality of our ingredients and maturation process.


A 5.0% ABV Amber Beer, full bodied and well rounded, with a moderately bitter flavour. Amber in colour with bronze overtones, this lager is another example of the brewery’s exceptional capabilities.