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Responsible consumption of alcohol in society

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We are a sector leader in promoting enhanced public policy on responsible alcohol consumption. We work at a local, national and international level with a particular focus on the Minimum Unit Pricing (‘MUP’) of alcohol.

We were strong supporters of the Scottish Government’s introduction of MUP, which the Group believes is a responsible measure to help reduce the misuse of alcohol in society. We are encouraged by the early, positive impact of this legislation. We welcome the Public Health (Alcohol) Act in Ireland and the introduction of MUP in the Irish market in due course. We will continue to advocate and support the introduction of MUP in England and Northern Ireland.

We were the first drinks organisation to carry the UK Chief Medical Officer’s new responsible drinking guidelines on our packaging in the UK. We also offer low alcohol alternatives to our core brands. The need to ensure that communities are well educated and protected in terms of their relationship with our products is central to our business and consistent with the role we want to play within our local communities. We are funders of Drinkaware, which performs the valuable role of equipping consumers with information about responsible alcohol consumption. We also promote Drinkaware on our packaging and advertising materials.

We are members of the UK’s National Association of Cider Makers (‘NACM’), which works closely with apple growers and the agricultural communities in cider regions in the UK. This working relationship puts us at the heart of many UK Government discussions relating to the responsible use of alcohol. The NACM is also engaged with tax and regulatory departments and opinion-forming bodies having an interest in cider and alcohol generally. We are also a member of the European Cider and Fruit Wine Association (‘AICV’).

Consistent with our commitment towards responsible alcohol consumption, and to ensure that consumers are provided with full detail on our products, we voluntarily display calorie information on our packaging in the UK and Ireland. Our products are relatively low in sugar content with our leading cider brands containing less sugar than their key competitors. Tennent’s lager contains only trace levels of sugar.