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When it comes to obtaining finance as a licensed trade operator, going through the traditional avenues of banks and building societies is becoming increasingly difficult. Nurturing and maintaining the on-trade is a key priority in particular for our business and we offer a range of financial supports in this regard.

We can provide everything from small loans for repairs all the way up to larger sums for major refurbishments or to purchase new premises. Over the last eight years, we have invested over £56m into the Scottish on-trade and over £38m into the on-trade in Northern Ireland.


Heverlee is created in association with the Abbey of the Order of Premontre (known as Park Abbey) and is inspired by the beers first brewed by the monks in medieval times. The Abbey lies just outside Leuven and is the largest of its kind in Belgium, founded in 1129. Today, every pint of Heverlee sold supports the major multi-million Euro restoration of Park Abbey ensuring Heverlee is as bound to the Abbey’s future as we are indebted to its past.