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Carbon Emissions in Manufacturing

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The Group continuously monitors the impact of its operations on the climate and we look to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We assess and manage climate change related risks and opportunities, including the impact on the availability and security of our sources of raw materials, such as aquifers, orchards and maltings.

The Group has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Programme for a number of years, and CO2 emissions for the Group are evaluated annually. The Group has historically scored highly in the CDP Ireland Report, showing disclosure scores which are among the best in the sector. Compared to FY2018, Scope 1 and 2 CO2emissions fell by 4.3% in FY2019 and are broken down across our sites as follows:

FY2020 & Beyond

During FY2020, CO2 recovery systems will be operational at both Clonmel and Wellpark Brewery. In addition to security of supply for a key raw material, it will represent another meaningful reduction in the Group’s CO2emissions for FY2020 & beyond. The Group continues to assess projects and initiatives which can further reduce the Group’s greenhouse gas emissions, through both generation & usage of renewable energy and continued focus on energy efficiency.

The Group’s long-term ambition is to be a fully carbon neutral company by 2025.