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Conservation of Energy & Water Usage

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The Group has employed various practices to conserve the use of energy and water across operations.

For energy efficiency these include:

  • Biogas energy: anaerobic Digestion technology installed at Wellpark Brewery.
  • Solar energy: at our cidery in Vermont, USA, we make energy from our “solar orchard” which is a 26 array solar project providing sustainable electricity and revenue diversification for local farmers. Clonmel is exploring the use of a solar array to provide up to 1MW of energy.
  • Geothermal energy: investigating a ground heat source at Wellpark Brewery with the potential to reduce carbon footprint by more than 20%.
  • Pasteurisation control system: there is an on the can pasteuriser at Wellpark Brewery. This control system delivered a 10% reduction in steam usage year on year, as well as further improving the finished product quality.
  • Energy efficiency technology: Matthew Clark has rolled out a £0.5 million investment on LED motion sensor lighting for all main depots.

The graphs above display the total usage of electricity or gas measured against the amount of product produced from the sites in Wellpark and Clonmel. This gives a measure of the energy efficiency improvement in the last 5 years.

Solutions for water consumption include:

  • Can rinsing system using de-ionised air was commissioned in Clonmel in early 2020. Expected to reduce water consumption of by more than five million litres per annum.
  • Pasteurisation control system (as before): has reduced water consumption in the canning operation by 14 million litres per annum.
  • Groundwater protection programme: the Clonmel site commenced a three-year programme in 2018 to upgrade the site drainage and wastewater network. This will protect the water sources of the surrounding Tipperary countryside.