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Sustainable Partnerships

The Group recognises that sustainability needs to be embraced by partners at every stage of the supply chain to promote the success of its sustainability strategy. Audits and reviews are carried out both during initial procurement and over the lifetime of the contract to assess suppliers track record in environmental management, health and safety, sustainability, diversity and overall corporate social responsibility.

Additionally, Bibendum has launched the ‘Bibendum Vivid Charter’ which promotes sustainable supply chain practices of the supply chain.

We aim to share best practice across the industry. In February 2020, in collaboration with the sustainable research company, Footprint Intelligence (‘Footprint’), we launched the first ever Drinks Industry Sustainability Index – Trends Report 2020. The report analysed the extent to which the drinks industry is adopting sustainable strategies and practices for packaging, waste, water, emissions, energy, social impact and raw materials. In September 2019, Matthew Clark was the headline sponsor of the Inaugural Food & Beverage Sustainability Awards. This event was aimed at sharing best practice and recognising outstanding industry achievement in support of sustainability.

We are committed to sourcing our raw materials from local sustainable sources. All apples crushed at the Clonmel site for the production of Bulmers and Magners cider are sourced from the island of Ireland. As well as having 165 acres of our own orchards in Co. Tipperary, there are over 50 partner growers on the island, whom we work closely with. The health and sustainability of the Irish apple growing sector are therefore central to the overall Group strategy. A key aspect of apple orcharding is the health of the population of bees and other pollinating insects. As part of our commitment to protect the biodiversity of bees, C&C are patrons of the South Tipperary Bee-Keepers Association who carry out much activity on the protection and promotion of the species in our Redmonstown Orchard.

Similarly in Scotland, Tennent’s lager is produced using 100% Scottish malt. We seek to support the growers of our key raw materials such as barley and wheat through entering into long-term supply arrangements. As part of this, we take account of broader outputs such as the impact on sustainability, environmental and social impacts. Malting barley is only purchased from farms with current and up-to-date, independently audited farm assurance schemes. Those schemes are the Scottish Quality Crops (‘SQC’) or the Red Tractor assurance schemes, which ensure the best environmental practices are adhered to.

In both Scotland and Northern Ireland we lend on a secured basis to independent free trade to help our customers grow their business. In some instances this is to help refurbish existing facilities, or in other cases, to assist in the acquisition of new premises. In return, customers commit to buying our product for their outlets. Our long-term support for trade customers is normally recognised through increased customer loyalty and the lifetime value is higher than for those customers that trade without a tie.