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Waste Reduction

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The Group’s long-term objective is to be a zero waste to landfill company. Systems are in place across all operational sites working towards maximising the recycling of waste and minimising what is sent to landfill.

In FY2019, both Clonmel and Wellpark sent zero process waste to landfill, which means this was the first year we have achieved this in the UK and Ireland. All by-products from the production of beer & cider, such as apple pomace and spent grains are further utilised in the animal feed chain. In FY2019, a new scheme was introduced, whereby spent yeast from the brewing process is being used as highly valuable & organic compost material.

FY2020 and Beyond

In FY2020, the Group will continue to drive waste reduction initiatives. The Group is introducing an improved handling of aluminium waste from the canning facility at Wellpark, which will reduce the associated vehicle traffic by 75%.

In addition, the installation of the Anaerobic Digestion facility at Wellpark, will reduce the loading of wastewater emitted from the site by 80%. This will improve the quality of the wastewater we discharge to the municipal treatment plant and have associated environmental benefits through not requiring further treatment.