Founded in 1903 by The Anglo-German Brewery Co. Ltd, Tsingtao is a truly authentic Chinese beer. Only ever brewed in the sea port of Qingdao, in North Eastern China, the same pure ingredients, including fresh spring water from the famous Laoshan Mountains, have been used to create the great Tsingtao taste that remains the same wherever it is enjoyed around the world.

Finest quality ingredients 

Our master brewers select only the finest malt, hops and blend rice, from the paddy fields of Western China, to mellow the bitter after taste making it one of the most ‘drinkable’ beers in the world beer category. 

Authentic import from China 

This 4.7% ABV pilsner style lager is one of the most ‘drinkable’ beers in the world beer category and today is sold widely in the UK and more than 90 other countries globally, making it China’s most popular exported beer.

Brand performance

  • % of Chinese beer sold in the UK off trade that is Tsingtao

    98 %

  • % UK drinkers interested in trying something new

    56 %

Explore the range

  1. Tsingtao

    4.7% ABV

  2. 1903

    5.0% ABV

  • Annual Tsingtao Beer Festival

    Asia’s answer to Oktoberfest, Gan Bei (Cheers) and enjoy the party.

  • Worldy and Authentic

    A refreshing, easygoing lager, Tsingtao is a global brand with a strong presence in 100+ international markets.