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Chris Browne OBE

Chris Browne OBE

Senior Independent Non-Executive Director and Employee Engagement Non-Executive Director

Chris Browne OBE is a plural Non-Executive Director and has held a number of senior leadership and executive roles within the aviation and travel industries. Chris first served as Managing Director of First Choice Airways, which included overseeing a customer-focused transformation programme. She subsequently directed and managed a successful merger with Thomson Airways before being appointed to execute a similar project for parent company, TUI Group plc. In 2016, Chris joined EasyJet plc and served as Chief Operating Officer until 2019. Chris brings vast experience managing complex consumer-facing operations to C&C.



Non-Executive Director – October 2023

Non-Executive Director Employee Engagement – December 2023

Senior Independent Non-Executive Director – February 2024



External appointments

Non-Executive Director – Vistry Group plc

Non-Executive Director – Kier Group plc

Non-Executive Director – Constellium SE (NYSE)



Committee membership 

Nomination Committee – Chair