Relations with Shareholders

Relations with shareholders

In fulfilling their responsibilities, the Directors believe that they govern the Group in the best interests of shareholders, whilst having due regard to the interests of other stakeholders in the Group including customers, employees and suppliers.

The Code encourages a dialogue with institutional shareholders with a view to ensuring a mutual understanding of objectives. The Executive Directors have regular and ongoing communication with major shareholders throughout the year, by participating in investor roadshows and presentations to shareholders. Feedback from these visits is reported to the Board. The Executive Directors also have regular contact with analysts and brokers. The Chair, Senior Independent non-executive Director and other non-executive Directors receive feedback on matters raised at the meetings with shareholders and are offered the opportunity to attend meetings with major shareholders. As a result of these procedures, the Non-Executive Directors believe that they are aware of shareholders’ views. In addition, Vincent Crowley, the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director, is available to meet with major shareholders.

Arrangements can also be made through the Company Secretary for major shareholders to meet with newly appointed Directors.

The Group maintains a website at which is regularly updated and contains information about the Group.

The Code encourages boards to use the Annual General Meeting to communicate with investors and to encourage their participation. In compliance with the Code, under normal circumstances, the Board welcomes as many shareholders as possible to attend the Annual General Meeting to discuss any interest or concern, including performance, governance or strategy, with the Directors. All Directors are also usually expected to attend the Annual General Meeting. The Chairs of the Audit, Nomination and Remuneration Committees would be expected to be available at the Annual General Meeting to answer shareholder questions, through the Chair of the Board, on the responsibilities and activities of their Committees. Shareholders also have the opportunity to meet with the Directors following the conclusion of the formal part of the meeting.