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Environmental, Social and Governance

Delivering to a better world!

In FY2021, to enhance our commitment to Sustainability, we established a Board Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) Committee and created a dedicated ESG team, across the Group, to champion and embed our ESG principles in everything that we do.

What ESG means to C&C

Environmental: the Group’s impact on the natural environment and its adaptation to climate change including greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, generation and use of renewable energy, biodiversity and habitat, impact on water resources and the status of water bodies, pollution, resources efficiency, the reduction and management of waste, and the environmental impact of the Group’s supply chain.

Social: the Group’s interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, other stakeholders and the communities in which it operates and the role of the Group in society, workplace policies, ethical procurement, any social or community projects undertaken by the Group.

Governance: the ethical conduct of the Group’s business including its corporate governance framework (such as compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018), business ethics policies and codes of conduct, counterparty due diligence, onboarding policies and procedures, the management of bribery, corruption and money laundering risk, the transparency of reporting and financial and tax transparency.

Following a materiality assessment and an exercise to consider stakeholders’ interests, C&C has developed a Sustainability Framework, which forms part of the C&C business strategy, to guide our ESG initiatives under 6 pillars which support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’). Whilst the Company is fully committed to the path to progress, we recognise that we are in the early stages of our journey. We expect to give a further update on the delivery of our ESG strategy in the FY2022 Annual Report.

  • Optimisation of our manufacturing facilitates
  • Streamlining our logistics operations
  • Increasing the recyclable rate for our brands
  • Improve sustainable packaging
  • Piloting electric vehicle distribution
  • Collaboration with our apple and barley growers
  • Achieving the highest sourcing standard
  • Source water optimisation
  • Water usage reduction
  • Introduction of 0% and low alcohol variants
  • Reducing ABV and calories of our brands
  • Active support for industry programmes, such as Drinkaware
  • Support to relevant charities
  • Safety first!
  • Health & Wellbeing external support systems
  • Remote working
  • Alcohol awareness training
  • Embed key codes including anti-bribery and corruption, learning and development programmes
  • Diversification of Board composition
  • Establishment of ESG Committee and ESG Team
  • Company-wide Inclusion and Diversity measurement
  • Formal inclusion and diversity training to people managers across the Group
  • Employee engagement tracking
  • Leading Deposit Return Scheme (‘DRS’) Implementation In Scotland
  • Collaborating on Minimum Unit Pricing (‘MUP’) implementation in Ireland
  • Portman membership
  • Drinkaware support