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Bibendum & the Drinks Trust

Bibendum & The Drinks Trust partner to offer wine training

Bibendum, the premium wine specialist and the drinks industry charity, The Drinks Trust have partnered to offer free wine training. As part of the partnership, Bibendum will host four sessions of its Wine Confidence course through The Drinks Trust’s Develop initiative. The course is open to anyone interested in developing their skills in the hospitality trade.

Develop was launched in February 2022 and was created to alleviate long-term hardship through a proactive funding and training programme that delivers opportunity and skills to those within and looking to enter the hospitality industry. Its aim is to train and educate the next generation of the drinks and hospitality industry professionals.

Bibendum’s Wine Confidence is a one-day course designed to increase knowledge around wine and teach the skills to confidently recommend wines to customers, as well as providing practical skills and knowledge. The workshop is simple and fun, with lots of activities and a ban on boring PowerPoint presentations. Topics include: getting confident talking about wine, how to read a wine label, why wines taste different, why some wines are more expensive than others, wine service, food and wine pairing, and answering customer questions. As part of this course, Bibendum provides free access to digital resources to continue the learning beyond the classroom.

Julia Bailey, Head of Training at Bibendum Wine says: ‘We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Drinks Trust to offer our Wine Confidence training courses. Develop is a brilliant and very worthwhile initiative, and we are pleased to be able to support through providing training on essential skills for those working with wine.”

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust adds: “The Drinks Trust is extremely pleased to include Bibendum’s Wine Confidence course in our Develop’s educational offering. Since the launch of Develop in February, The Drinks Trust has received support from brands and operators who recognise the vital importance of the scheme for the welfare of the entire drinks hospitality industry and the many people living in hardship in the UK. We are very proud that Develop offers internationally recognised qualifications and a variety of training and vocational courses, and we are confident that with the support of great companies such as Bibendum, we can make Develop a core part of The Drinks Trust offering for many years to come.”

The first course will take place on 27 July at Bibendum’s Regents Park Road office in London.

To apply to take part in a course visit www.drinkstrust.org.uk/develop-application-form and for more information on Wine Confidence, please visit www.drinkstrust.org.uk/bibendum-wine-confidence