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  • Exclusive Clonmel Tour with members of the County Tipperary Chamber

Exclusive Clonmel Tour with members of the County
Tipperary Chamber

Bulmers Ireland was delighted to host members of the County Tipperary Chamber for an exclusive tour at our Clonmel site, showcasing our commitment to innovation and sustainability in business.

In partnership with County Tipperary Chamber Skillnet, the visit highlighted Bulmers’ significant contributions to the local economy and its leadership in environmental stewardship.

For nearly a century, Bulmers has stood as a beacon of employment and community engagement in Clonmel and its surroundings. This event allowed Chamber members to delve deep into the operational and environmental practices that have made Bulmers a model of success.

Michelle Aylward, CEO of The County Tipperary Chamber, expressed deep gratitude towards Bulmers Ireland for offering this enlightening experience. “The tour not only showcased Bulmers’ economic impact, but also illuminated their pioneering role in sustainability, offering valuable lessons for our members.”

Some of the key insights included:

  • Innovative Operations: Bulmers demonstrated its advanced automation and efficiency, highlighting the importance of technological investment.
  • Sustainability Efforts: Showcased the extensive solar power installations and waste reduction initiatives.
  • Waste Reduction: Discussed the transition away from plastic packaging and initiatives promoting glass bottle reuse, illustrating goals for effective waste management strategies.

Aylward added: “The insights gained from this tour are invaluable. They not only reflect Bulmers’ dedication to the community and the planet, but also serve as a catalyst for change among local businesses, encouraging them to adopt similar sustainable and innovative practices.”

The County Tipperary Chamber remains committed to fostering a vibrant business community that values sustainability and innovation, and we’re proud to lead the way in sustainable business practices.