Orchard Pig unveils
new branding

Orchard Pig is pleased to announce the launch of its new packaging design, which is set to hit shelves next month, October 2023. The new look will gradually roll out from the start of October into retailers and On Trade outlets, beginning with Reveller and Truffler 500ml bottles.   

With a simple, cleaner label, updated colour scheme and evolved brand logo, our new visual identity brings more clarity, character, modernity, and consistency to the Orchard Pig brand. Premium cues have been enhanced, with the simplified design set to command greater stand-out at fixture. 

The new look also features an updated Old Spot pig logo, which better reflects the brand’s roots. Taking inspiration from the pigs that once roamed the orchards of Somerset where the cider was first crafted, the rare breed with spots is the original Orchard Pig. The Old Spot pig was also front and centre through Orchard Pig’s summer advertising campaign, which led with the ‘Rare Breed’ message.  

With this new design, we set out to modernise our packaging and bring more clarity and consistency across our range of products whilst highlighting our point of difference, our Old Spot Pig.

Inside the bottle, it’s still the same great tasting apple cider – made from the best, bittersweet West-Country apples. With fewer bubbles in every serve, Orchard Pig is a uniquely refreshing and great tasting small batch cider that leaves you wanting more.