Do You Know The

Five Lamps?

So, What’s the story?

5 Lamps is a locally brewed beer. Our roots are planted firmly in a vibrant, authentic, and real place that loves language and wit. A place that raises an eyebrow (and a pint glass) when it hears a load of bull, and says ‘ah here’. Our beer is crisp, great tasting – and distinctive, like where it’s from. Have it with friends. Have it with colleagues. Have it in an old boozer or a new spot. Have it in a glass that has ‘I will yeah’ written on the side.

Ah here, have it whatever way you want, it’s your beer.

5 Lamps – the beer from ah here


Brand performance

  • % increase of sales

    66 %

  • % of groupd sales

    89 %

Explore the range

  1. 5 Lamps Lager

    4.2% ABV

  2. 5 Lamps Pale Ale

    4.8% ABV

  3. 5 Lamps Red Ale

    3.8% ABV

  4. 5 Lamps Stout

    4.2% ABV

  • There exists a question around Dublin town. Except it’s not a question – and even if it was, there’s no answer.

    Do you know the five lamps?

  • What does it mean to be a Dubliner? Find the answer at the 5 Lamps Brewery Camden Street Tours – beer tastings, history, stories, craic and a love letter to Dublin through the medium of film. Lovely.

    Time that matters.

  • Do you know the 5 Lamps…? You do by now. Our first beer is the stuff of legend. Up there with Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen. Not a Dubliner, but she’s absolutely bleedin’ deadly, so she stays. 

    Brewed by William on a balmy August bank holiday weekend in 2012, this is where it all started.