Italian spirit

Bottega’s ‘forefather’, Andrea, began cultivating vines all the way back in 1635, when he made his first plantings in one of the world’s most beautiful regions: the hills of Molinetto della Croda, Refrontolo. After cultivating their own land for centuries, the family first became noted for their ventures into grappa making, being pioneers of creative technical innovations like the first mono-variety grappa.

In 1983, Sandro Bottega started to raise the profile of Bottega through creating new distillation systems, which resulted in the reduction of alcohol in grappa, making it softer and more delicate, as well as adding a glass-blowing facility to the site. The next 10 years saw their expansion into wine, and the move to Conegliano, Veneto, as they began to create Prosecco alongside traditional grappas. The first bottle of Prosecco hit shelves in 1992 and the rest is history.

The brand has become renowned for its metallic and highly Instagrammable bottles to distinguish between a Bottega White Gold Spumante Prosecco or a Bottega Pink Gold Prosecco DOC Rosé.

Bottega also take reducing their carbon footprint seriously: with benefactor supporters like Slow Food, they use certified energy from renewable sources, save 756 tonnes of CO2 and 5 million litres of water, avoid the dissipation of 500kg of synthetic chemicals, recycle 50 tonnes of waste and 16 tonnes of polyethylene each year, along with using 50% recycled glass for each bottle.

Explore the range

  1. Bottega Gold

    11.0% ABV

  2. Bottega Rose Gold

    11.5% ABV

  3. Prosecco DOC

    11.0% ABV

  • Sustainability – our approach

    The actions taken over time and the steps that we take every day have the ambitious objectives that inspired the 17 UN Principles.


    ‘The 100 Prosecco Dishes’ by Sandro Bottega is a gastronomic journey through the hills of Prosecco, where tradition, research and authenticity are mixed in the sign of taste.


    From its very beginning, Bottega’s corporate philosophy is based on quality and typicality, design, innovation and sustainability.

  • Four centuries of passion for viticulture

    Since the 17th century, when our ancestors cultivated the vine as tenant farmers, up to now, with Bottega grappa and liquors being appreciated all over the world.