Fête des Flaveurs is an exploration of all that French wine has to offer, celebrating the regionality of this gastronomic land. Created by regional growers around France, the wines capture the essence of their homeland.

Every one of the authentic, provincial wines has been crafted by regional winemakers, often with generations of the same family working together to capture the essence and character of their homeland in every bottle.

The Fête des Flaveurs range comprises of seven benchmark styles: a Bordeaux Red, White and Rosé, a Touraine Rosé, a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, a Beaujolais Villages and a Picpoul. The Group has worked with its strong portfolio of growers and Co-operatives around France to create wines of impressive quality and with perfect provenance that can be purchased as an everyday treat.

Fête is for wine drinkers who want to explore French wines but may have been put off by lack of knowledge around regionality and taste expectation. The brand name ‘Fête des Flaveurs’ is inspired by the regional food markets around France. Designed in-house, the packaging was created to be simple and elegant, using modern, bold primary colours, with the taste profiles of the wines prominent.

Brand facts

  • fête looks to appeal to the 1 in 3 wine drinkers who drink French wine only once every 3 months

    33 %

  • % Of wine drinkers want to be confident in pronouncing the name of a wine

    20 %

Explore the range

  1. Beaujolais Village Gamay

    13% ABV

  2. Bordeaux Rosé

    12.5% ABV

  3. Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc

    12.5% ABV

  4. Bordeaux Merlot

    13% ABV

  5. Touraine Rosé

    12.5% ABV

  6. Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

    12.5% ABV

  • Fête des Flaveurs: an exploration of French wines, and all that regional France has to offer

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  • Created by regional growers around France, the wines capture the essence of their homeland

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