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Cocktails made with

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Award-winning Premium Blended Cocktails

Lockdown Liquor & Co

Lockdown Liquor & Co. was founded in April 2020, by entrepreneurs Natasha and Jack Durling. The brand offers premium blended cocktails handcrafted in their production facilities in London using the best quality ingredients and distilleries resulting in unique and award-winning cocktails that deliver simplicity and consistency with every serve. To date, the company has collaborated with leading global brands including Spotify, Facebook, ASOS, NARS, NET-A-PORTER, Ralph Lauren and Virgin to name a few. Having initially traded direct to consumers, Lockdown Liquor is now retailed across select prestigious outlets as well as a growing number of customers across the on trade within national restaurant groups, hotels, bars, event spaces, theatres, aviation and live events.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Espresso Martini

Lockdown Liquor have remained loyal to this classic cocktail and kept the focus on using the finest cold brew coffee blend alongside 58 & Co award-winning vodka, simple syrup and coffee liqueur resulting in a deliciously light and refreshing cocktail that makes it hard just to have one.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Passion Fruit Martini

Introducing Lockdown Liquor’s Passion Fruit Martini, crafted from an adaptation of an original created in the early 2000s at London’s Townhouse bar. We have made subtle tweaks to this crowd-pleasing combination of 58 & Co award-winning vodka, vanilla syrup, passion fruit purée and passion fruit liqueur – resulting in a zesty, naturally sweet balanced blend.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Mojito

One of the most popular rum cocktails, originally consumed for medicinal purposes back in the 16th-century, the Mojito became notable as a cocktail around the 1930s. Crafted using East London Rum with subtle notes of citrus and vanilla which blends perfectly with pressed lime, simple syrup and mint for an extra dose of refreshment.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Elderflower Spritz

Elderflower, Mint and Gin have long been a celebrated combination. The sweetness and floral aspect of the Elderflower Cordial are beautifully highlighted by the dry and piney juniper 58 & Co Gin alongside the zesty and refreshing pressed lime and green tea.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Picante Margarita

Lockdown Liquor’s fiery favourite, the Picante is inspired by the Tommy’s Margarita, created by Julio Bermejo at the famed San Francisco tequila bar, Tommy’s. The smooth sweetness of the agave nectar alongside the natural sugars shared from the same plant as the tequila give this blend a bright, refreshing taste with our addition of a kick of heat and spice.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Old Fashioned

Lockdown Liquor’s Old Fashioned starts by using Buffalo Trace Bourbon, the rule being that if you wouldn’t sip it by itself it has no place at the helm of an Old Fashioned. The right amount of simple syrup and bitters are blended to create the perfect combination of sweet and bitter, honouring the classic ‘original’ cocktail that it is.

Lockdown Liquor & Co Negroni

Created in Café Casoni, Florence in 1919. We have remained loyal to the three ingredient classic using the ancestral ingredient Campari, award-winning 58 & Co Gin and a perfectly balanced bittersweet vermouth. Navigating the balance between bitter and sweet, this dynamic drink has evolved into one of the cocktail cornerstones.

Explore the range

  1. Lockdown Liquor & Co Espresso Martini

    14% ABV

  2. Lockdown Liquor & Co Passionfruit Martini

    14% ABV

  3. Lockdown Liquor & Co Mojito

    16% ABV

  4. Lockdown Liquor & Co Elderflower Spritz

    12% ABV

  5. Lockdown Liquor & Co Picante Margarita

    16% ABV

  6. Lockdown Liquor & Co Old Fashioned

    28% ABV

  7. Lockdown Liquor & Co Negroni

    24% ABV

  • Philanthropic Roots

    Initially started as an initiative to raise funds for NHS Charities together through the Pandemic, demand and sales were instant and organic word-of-mouth and social media recognition has seen the brand grow exponentially. Lockdown Liquor now run its philanthropic initiative via Founders Pledge with Jack and Natasha pledging a share of the company to finding solutions and funding impact. The Lockdown in 2020 and charitable initiative remains at the core of Lockdown Liquor’s brand ethos and will always remain and why we are proud to be Lockdown Liquor & Co.